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ECM Training


In this technological era every car is upgraded to be more digitalized with increased use of electronic parts like ECM, BCM, EPS, ABS, SRS, IMMOBILIZER etc. Even the expert car mechanics are finding it difficult to match up with these changes and fix the problems related to car electronics by themselves due to insufficient information and training on the new digital and electronic components of the car. There are temporary solutions available in market to get it done through other service provider but we understand that for car mechanics it leads to wastage of time and income. These changes and upgrades are good for the automobile industry and will keep on going in coming years. The best way is to catch this train of technology instead of limiting the business and recurring loss. And the good news is that we at  PURNIMA METER Surat, have come up with a unique, short term and practical oriented Automotive electronic training for all our car mechanics to make sure they independently can diagnose and fix the electronic problems. Our mission is to upgrade knowledge and skills of car mechanics to meet up today’s cars requirements.


Purnima automotive working since 1965 in Surat city, Gujarat state of India. Purnima Automotive has started automotive electronics repairs training classes in 2002. With experts trainers and highly experience in training delivery and are constantly up-to-date with latest automotive technology developments. Since that time thousand of technicians / mechanic have been thought the door of the training center to attend training course from all over India & Foreign country on a wide range of automotive electrics topic and technology. 

    As the leader in ECM automotive electronics repair training provider in India. 

Purnima automotive offers new latest Upgraded Auto Electronics Repair Training Course for 2022-23
we welcome to you to get benefit from this training  course and “MAKE BRIGHT FUTURE IN AUTO ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES”


Course Covers

  1. Car Scanning / Diagnose Faulty code read & clear error by scanner
  2. Fault Codes Identification & Solution
  3. Engine sensor single input/output Oscilloscope.
  4. ECM IC/MCU/Processor/Componts/ Remove solder on chip level
  5. Wiring check on Multimeters
  6. ECM Tuning / Flashing / Immo Off
  7. Fuel Injection System Coding.
  8. Immobilizer Key Programming / Decoding
  9. Airbag crash programming
  10. Mercedes-Benz/ BMW Advance Level Programing 
  11. VGA Group MOQ Technology.
  12. Digital Speedo Meter Programming etc...and hidden secrets.


Course Duration

Training course duration is 15 to 20 days and its covers all major Automotive 
ECM–EPS–BCM–SRS–ABS–Immobilizer–Meter and car scanning.
After Successful completion of this programed Completion ISO certificated is 


The Right Course For You

No matter your level of education, knowledge or experience,
PA offers a training course that is perfect for everyone who wants bright future in 
ECU repairing industries, car mechanics can learn many things in this kind of 


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